Business Continuity

Today, most enterprises can’t afford not to be operational 24/7, year around. A single downtime or prolonged system outage could be a financial and credibility disaster for your business! Unexpected disasters can strike all the time, and when they do, it’s important you have a backup and continuity plan ready.

Whether you need offsite data backup and recovery services, computer data backup, hard drive and computer recovery, online/offsite data backup storage, virtual data recovery, or disaster recovery and business continuity planning services, we’ve got the solution.

If the traditional disaster recovery plan (DRP), which focuses on restoring the centralized data center, doesn’t meet your organization’s needs, turn to Simtech Group. A more comprehensive and rigorous business continuity plan (BCP) may be needed to achieve a state of business continuity where critical systems and networks are continuously available.

Business Continuity Services


Our layered support platform enables our clients to recover data quickly and comprehensively allowing you to promptly return to your business functions from a routine inconvenience or a cataclysmic data loss.

Our team can build the following elements to help protect your business operations:

  • Establish Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP)
  • Backup solutions providing onsite/offsite data replication
  • Virtualization snapshots
  • Email Archiving services
  • Cloud and Co-location services

Data Backup and Recovery

We deliver custom, proven, and cost-effective data backup and recovery solutions that incorporate cloud and on-premise protection to meet the security needs of every business. We combine best-of-breed technology with data deduplication, encryption, and geographic redundancy to ensure data can be quickly and easily recovered at any time.

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

We enable organizations to utilize cloud storage capabilities and further increase redundancy protocols and protect primary data centers. The advantages of a cloud based system are increased recovery time, decreased infrastructure costs, improved data protection, and compatibility with most existing IT systems.


We incorporate leading virtualized server platforms which provide increased efficiency and on-demand computing resources to all applications and computing loads. The benefits to your business and ROI are staggering through decreases in staff requirement, maintenance, and infrastructure costs and increases in application, management, and customer support productivity.

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Ensure the survival of your business should disaster strike with our reliable Business Continuity Planning backup and recovery solutions.