IT Simplified

We believe in providing you a one-stop solution for all your technical needs.

Simtech Group is a Los Angeles based IT consulting firm with over a decade of experience specializing in network and server technologies, security, business continuity, and software development.

Our mission is to provide you the best technology solution and service, at the right time and within your budget. We want to ensure the solutions and services we provide strategically align with your business growth. Our consultants are customer friendly, easily accessible, and have over 10 years of technology industry experience. Let us take the stress out of challenges presented by technology, so you can focus on growing your business.

We put your focus back on your business with our:


  • Technology discounts – take advantage of our industry partnerships to save money.
  • Skilled technology experts – experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Comprehensive technical support  – help is only a phone call away. We are here for you 24/7.
  • Proactive approach to technology – resolve problems before they affect your day-to-day business.


Find out how our experienced professionals can turn your technology investments into a powerful business advantage.


Our mission is to provide you the best technology solution and service, at the right time and within your budget.


Our goal is to ensure that IT adds value to your organization. We want to ensure the technologies and solutions you acquire and implement deliver the business value you expect them to. Our experienced team approach delivers total customer value. Ultimately, it comes down to our role as a strategic partner for your business when it comes to information technology.


So what does that mean for you?

We want to be more than someone you hire to set up or fix a computer – we want to get to know you and your business, grow with you, and work together to succeed today, tomorrow, and ten years down the line. With Simtech Group as your IT guide, you never have to worry about the frustrations of technology again. For the present and for the future, we’ll be there by your side: a partner to help you safely chase after success.


Our Process

At Simtech Group, we believe in a common philosophy that allows us to develop or improve your business technology and application processes — simplify, standardize, and automate. The underlying goal of this strategy is to keep processes consistent and reduce overall technology infrastructure costs.

The first step is to return to the basics, to understand the fundamental process, and determine what can and should be simplified

Next, we determine the how and where to standardize the technology tools and processes – a strategy that will help your organization save IT costs by keeping hardware/software consistent and reduce the number of tools needed to address the basic needs.

Finally, we take what we learned from the processes above to drive automation that will replace repetitive and manual business technology processes, allowing your staff to focus on growing your business.


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